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The Crux of the matter //

We are increasingly the global partner of choice for companies requiring trailblazing product innovation within the medical, consumer and sporting goods markets.

With a select team of successful product designers and sought after engineers – operating seamlessly from our sites in the UK and Germany – we can be trusted to drive your innovation requirement from initial idea generation to first-in commercial advantage.

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A background // The basic, central or essential point or feature.

What drives us is our pursuit of what is central to a brief - one which award-winning design and engineering can solve. 

Our Capabilities

Tailored to your needs //

Our strong combination of creatives, usability specialists, mechanical engineers, software and electronic engineers, and manufacturing experts, sets us apart as a complete agency offering the insight, testing and solution required to drive an idea from concept through to production.


Our creative offer combines strong, human-centered design and sharp business acumen to deliver innovation and ensure you stay at least one step ahead of the competition.


Crux retains an enviable reputation for developing breakthrough products when applying mechanical engineering expertise to product design. Reliable, efficient and seamless.


Crux specialises in the design and integration of custom electronics to enhance your products capabilities. The close collaboration of electronic, mechanical and industrial design ensures an optimised solution.


We operate a wide range of high-end prototyping facilities from early proof-of-principal models, to multi-material 3D printed parts; customised exploratory rigs to full batch production.


Crux are equipped with the tools they need provide the highest level of service, developing, implementing and analyzing test protocols suitable for regulatory reporting.

Game-Changing Innovation

A peek at what we’re capable of //

From Olympic success, to medical application; innovative packaging to intelligent devices, our work is improving the experience people have with the products they use for a range of industries. 

Our diverse and broad range of technical skills, as well as a collaborative and holistic approach to design, enable us to envision, develop and deliver products with the highest probability of market success. We relish working together to achieve ground-breaking design that functions well, feels right and looks great. See below for a selection of work that proves we can innovate in any market, and for any brief.

NSTD Training Device

Needle Safe Training Device

Olympic Cycling Helmet

Team GB - Olympic Cycling Helmets

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Smart eHaler

Improving Patient Compliance

UX Design

Next Generation Rice Sorting

Hummingbird Diagnostic Probe

The Intelligent Needle

Medicament Agitation Device

Home Mixing Station

Extreme Sports Camera

Extreme Sports Camera

Server Fascia Development

Server Fascia Development



Our Approach

Rigorous, dependable and considered //


Combining a wealth of experience with a balanced but diverse team has enabled us to develop a cyclical and holistic approach to design, focused on delivering purposeful innovation and satisfying the core needs of any brief. 

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The Studio

The heart of our business //

We are a multidisciplinary design studio based in the UK and Germany with a strong combination of creatives, usability specialists, mechanical engineers, software and electronic engineers, and manufacturing experts.

Challenge our team – we’ll be sure to surpass your expectations in both relationship and real world advantage.

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Notable features in broadcast media //

Sensorial Engineering!

Some years ago we asked ourselves how do you craft the emotional response behind a product interaction? Here at Crux we deploy our range of in-house sensorial investigational tools, methods and know-how (at a highly technical level) to correlate user perception of sensorial elements with real life mechanical and audible response. We identify patterns and implement tunable feedback to suit the needs of the brand and the user.

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