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Cobas h 232






Industrial design
Human factors

Crux were tasked with the Industrial Design of the Cobas h 232 device, part of the Roche cardiac diagnostics portfolio. The device enables on-the-spot diagnosis of a range of cardio-vascular diseases, reliably and safely testing blood samples for typical cardiac markers. The industrial design looked to integrate enhanced product capability with improved handling, portability and UX.

Since the original H232 device launch there have been significant advancements in product capability as well as the obvious technological advancements enabling a smarter, smaller, more capable emergency medical product. The industrial design focus on this project was to, primarily, reflect the enhanced capabilities. In addition, the design addressed issues from the predecessor with regard to manufacturing costs, complex assembly and cleaning. The design language was sympathetic to the established Roche POC range of products and design guidelines whilst seeking opportunities to push the boundaries with features for future ranges of products.  

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