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Choosing change

Crux's furthest commuter 

As well as having the title as software engineer, I also have the title of Crux’s furthest commuter. Why? Well, I really value living close to my family and friends, that’s the reason I choose to commute from North Petherton south of Bridgwater to Crux located 36 miles away in the heart of Bristol. The exciting projects and talented team make it a privilege to work here and worth the commute.


What is the commute like?

I could drive the entire distance but due to inner city traffic the travel time varies wildly from day to day. The train seems the best option as it’s better environmentally and it gives me a chance to think, listen to a podcast or watch a tutorial. The only drawback is it leaves me with a 2-mile trip to the station from home and a 1.2-mile walk through Bristol to get to Crux. I used to drive from home to the station, pay for parking then walk. I was spending 8 hours a week travelling to and from the station. There had to be a better way… 

I played around with the idea of buying an electric scooter and decided to discuss it with the founders of Crux. They not only encouraged the idea but started a companywide Crux Electric Vehicle (EV) scheme which helped make it happen from a financial perspective.

How is commuting with a scooter?
I’ve been commuting with my Segway Ninebot ES2 for the last three weeks, totaling 130 miles and It’s still fun to ride. If it’s a Tuesday, I grab a slightly overpriced bacon roll whilst passing through the station, and on a Friday I treat myself to a pain au chocolat from Hart's Bakery before scootering the 1.2 miles to Crux. 

Before my scooter, it would take me around 25 minutes to walk to Crux, now I can do it in under 5 minutes! The extra time means I can sit down before work with a good coffee and catch up with the news. There are a lot of environmental benefits with the scooter too. According to Lime, (Electric scooter rentals,) every mile travelled mitigates roughly just 350 grams of carbon. Electric scooters aren’t going to change the world, but they represent change for the better and have certainly transformed my commute. If we want different outcomes in terms of sustainability, we have to embrace change. 

Joshua Savage

Software Engineer