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Prototyping Human-Machine Interfaces

Prototyping is crucial to the way that we approach projects at Crux; we fail fast, learn quickly and incrementally improve a design until it looks and works beautifully. We'll prototype surface models to understand how an object looks in it's intended environment, while at the same time design rigs that allow us to understand, test and develop aspects of a product functionality. For this reason, we've invested heavily in equipment, facilities and expertise to allow us to prototype these physical interactions, but with the increase of digital products how can we rapidly prototype human-machine interfaces?


It starts with hiring the right people, in the last year we've grown both our creative and electronics & software teams to meet the demand for creating sophisticated, seamlessly intuitive digital products and services. One of the internal tools we are developing is a low investment, rapid prototyping tool for testing user interfaces and gathering valuable 'user insight' to help drive embryonic design options. Using a combination of software programmes used by the UX industry we can integrate working interfaces onto concept visualisations and get users interacting with prototypes using a smartphone or tablet. This could be an electro-mechanical medical device, or an IOT consumer product, in this case we've shared an example for a smart washing machine.

WAMA is an example of a UI/UX demonstrator, based on the concept of a smart washing machine. This example allows users to play with features such as preset program selection, scheduling and customisation of a wash setting, while helping us understand what works, and more importantly, what doesn't.


Click here to test the WAMA UX demonstrator >

These demonstrators are quick to produce compared to traditional methods and highly effective for testing early propositions with project stakeholders and prospective users. Why is that important? The quicker we test with real users, the less we assume and the more we know. Real insights drive innovation, and with these tools we hope to gather more than ever.

If you would like to discuss how we may be able to help you with a project, please get in touch.

Chris Kilbane

Design Director